Help pay for fresh flowers at Thach Thao fresh flowers
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This is a website for fresh flowers online, fresh flowers images, fresh flowers prices and detailed information is available on the website
Please select flowers and click to buy directly on the website, then fill in the details of the flower delivery, we will deliver flowers when receiving flowers.
- Order flowers by phone: 0982566829
- Order flowers via SMS - You write the message "Order flowers" and send to the number: 0982566829

A - Receive payment after: (applied to regular customers)
Staff of fresh flowers Thach Thao will receive cash payment directly or transfer from customers immediately after delivery of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers Thach Thao will provide you with full invoices and details fresh flower delivery information.

B - Receive payment before delivery:
- Other fresh flowers delivery addresses will receive payment.
- You will be asked to pay in advance by cash or bank transfer or ATM card.
- When ordering fresh flowers we will mail confirm booking fresh flowers and wait for your payment. When the payment is completed, you only need to notify us by replying mail or call, we will proceed to delivery fresh flowers to you immediately upon receipt of the notice.

C - Receive late payments, periodically:
Thach Thao flowers also apply the regime of receiving weekly (or monthly) payments to businesses or individuals as required separately.

D - Receiving payment via bank transfer:
1. Account holder: Nguyen Thi Thao
* Account number: 105873449550
* Bank: Hai Phong Vietinbank

2. Account holder: Nguyen Thi Thao
* Account number: 0031000323470
* Bank: Vietcombank Hai Phong

E. Payment through WESTERNUNION for international customers.
* You visit the website and follow the instructions:
* The person authorized to receive money: Nguyen Thi Thao
* 95 Hoang Mai Hoang Mai, Dong Thai, An Duong, Hai Phong
* Please transfer flowers to Thach Thao fresh flowers 10-digit money transfer number. And notify the money you transfer.
Tel: 0982566829
Hotline / Zalo / Viber: 0982566829