Terms and Conditions
Thach Thao Flower Shop is the owner of website https://hoatuoithachthao.com
Address: No. 95 Chung Mai Hoang Mai, Dong Thai, An Duong, Hai Phong

- All information on the website including articles, images, design process is copyright of Thach Thao flower shop, prohibits copying and sharing activities for business purposes.

- Individuals or organizations placing an order online through the website owned by the shop are: https://hoatuoithachthao.com, an ecommerce website, or a telephone order, hereinafter referred to as " Customer".

- Customers will be referred to as "Buyers" after purchase. Buyers will be understood to accept the rights and obligations of customers.

All orders placed on the website https://hoatuoithachthao.com or through the support tools (phone, zalo, viber, fanpage, ...) are understood as the customer has understood and accept the terms The Terms of Purchase. "Understanding and accepting these terms does not necessarily require the signature of the customer.

Customer information will be contacted by our staff to ensure that all customer information is correct. This information will be used as the necessary elements to make the purchase.

We reserve the right to change the content of the "Terms of Purchase" at any time, the terms of which will apply to the terms set forth at the time of purchase.

- The terms of the "Terms of Purchase" apply exclusively to our sale on the website https://hoatuoithachthao.com or by phone. The terms of use contained in the "Terms of Purchase." Customer information used to register on our site will be those used in Customer”s engagements. with us.

- In order to place an order, the customer must complete the procedure for providing personal contact information. In there, customers need to fill some information required to be able to make a purchase. Customers need to enter accurate, specific and complete information. In case of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order. The customer is fully responsible for all possible financial consequences of using the site with his or her registered account.

- Currently, we accept orders delivered in Hai Phong, 63 provinces in Vietnam and some countries in the world. Customers need to complete the request when making a purchase so they can place an order. After the purchase, we will make a phone call confirming the date and time of purchase, all this information is recorded and used only when there is a complaint.

- The information that customers use when registering with us will be used later in the delivery process. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or deny all orders of a customer in the event of a problem related to the information provided and payment of previous orders.

- Samples and prices are available when they appear on our website. In case there is not enough raw materials to make the products of our customers, we will exchange with the customer the alternative solution, after obtaining the customer”s consent, the new order will take effect.

- All prices are in VND, including delivery fee through our partners and not including VAT (10%). For more information, please contact: Hoatuoithachthao365@gmail.com
- We accept delivery in Hai Phong and 63 provinces nationwide, orders outside Hai Phong city please contact 0982.566.829
- We reserve the right to change the price of goods at any time, but always at the most reasonable price with the best quality to enhance the competitiveness and ensure the interests of customers.

6.1 General Conditions
The item will be delivered at the address indicated by the customer when ordering. Customers have the responsibility to provide all necessary information to facilitate delivery process such as: exact address, house number, province, street name, district, ward, commune Please contact us ... We are not responsible for the wrong transfer of address due to customer error.

6.2 Time of Delivery
After receiving the customer”s advance payment, we will deliver the time requested by the customer, in case the delivery time is not appropriate we will exchange in advance. Orders can only be made with the consent of both parties.

6.3 Delivery Issues
Delivery will be made by our selected partner. Goods in transit may be subject to unwanted risks such as broken, broken ... Customers should carefully check the status of the package as well as the number of orders. All claims relating to the carriage of the goods must be notified to us within one hour of receipt of the goods. Customers can inform
- Contact directly by phone number 0982566829
- Submit feedback to hoatuoithachthao365@gmail.com

Please see our payment information in the Payment Guide.

We are responsible for providing accurate and complete information about product samples on website hoatuoithachthao.com such as image, color, style, size, quantity, material ... Customers should consider Before deciding to order. We only get back the product when the product is not up to the description on our website and does not meet the requirements in the customer”s purchase order. In this case, customers will receive 100% of the money including: product price + shipping costs. The refund period is 5 days from the date of receiving our official reply. Customers can receive money transfer, or cash ...

In all other cases, we are not responsible for errors not caused by us.

Product returned incomplete, broken, damaged, dirty, torn, lost tag ... due to customer”s fault will not be accepted.

Customers have any questions or questions related to our products, our customer care staff are always ready to answer.

Service time is 24/24. Please refer to the contact section.

10.1 Cancellation of order
- For Hai Phong must cancel before 8 hours (from 7:00 am to 21:00).
- Orders in other provinces must be canceled before 12h (from 7am to 21h00).
Cancellations after this period still pay 100% for the company.

10.2 Change of order
- Change of product before the scheduled delivery time 04 hours (or when the product has not been designed): Accepted and not charge.
- Product changes are not accepted immediately before delivery or when the product has been designed.
- In case the new product is less than the value of the product, the shop will not refund the difference. In cases where the new product has a larger value than the already set product, the customer must pay the difference, plus the change fee. Delivery of flowers will be made after the payment is completed.

ShopHoa Thạch Thảo sincerely thank customers have trusted and use the online purchase service at website hoatuoithachthao.com.

Wish you always Manh Khoe - Thanh Dat - Happiness - Thinh Vuong - Phat Tai.
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