Privacy Policy Customer Information is committed to protecting the privacy of your information.

1. The purpose and scope of the collection
To access and use certain services at, Customer may be required to register with us for personal information (Email, Name, Phone Number ...). All information must be accurate and legal. does not take any responsibility related to the law of information declaration.

We may also collect information about visits, including the number of visitors, the number of links, and other information related to the link to the website. We also collect the information that the Web browser (Browser) Client access to, including: IP address, browser type, language used, the time and the addresses that Browser access to.

2. The scope of information use collects and uses the Personal Information of Customer for the purpose and complies fully with the content of this "Privacy Policy".

When necessary, we may use this information to contact Customer directly in the form of: open letters, orders, thank letters, sms, technical and confidential information. ...

3. Time of information storage
Member”s personal data will be archived until canceled or self-signed and canceled. The rest in any case personal information members will be secured on the server of the Bizweb service provider.

4. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information
Thuy Thao Flower Shop
Head office: 95 Hoang Mai Apartment, Dong Thai, An Duong, Hai Phong
Phone: 0982566829 - 0916296199

5. Means and tools for users to access and edit personal data
The website does not have a personal information manager, so accessing and modifying personal data is based on customer requirements by the following format:

Call the customer service center 0982.566.829, professional expertise to identify personal information and operator will support edit the user.

Leave comments at Hoa Thao Thảo Thảo fanpage or send comments directly from website, administrators check information and contact the user again for confirmation information and administrator. Editing information for users

6. Commitment to confidentiality of customer information
Personal information of members on is committed to absolute confidentiality under the privacy policy of The collection and use of information by each member shall be made only with the consent of the customer, except where otherwise provided for by law.

Do not use, transfer, distribute or disclose to third parties any personal information about a user without his / her consent.

In the case of information server hacker attacks resulting in the loss of personal data members, will be responsible for reporting the case to the investigating authorities to promptly handle and notify Members are known.

Absolutely confidentiality of all online transaction information of the Member including digital invoicing accounting invoices.

The management of requires individuals to register / purchase a member, must provide complete personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, identity card number telephone number, account number, payment card number, etc., and be responsible for the legality of such information. The management of shall not be liable nor shall it settle any complaints related to such member”s interests if it deems that all the personal information of such member provided upon the initial registration is not exactly.

Sincerely thank you!
Thach Thao